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History 목록
2019. 04 Moved to new office [Acetower Magok]
2015. 11 Registered as the main shareholder of Incheon International Logistics Center (IILC)
2015. 03 Established Hanoi branch in Vietnam
2014. 09 Cheil Industries (aviation imports: Europe and Asia, etc.)
: Handling of bonded warehouse import and export business
2014. 03 Establishment of Incheon Airport branch office/acquisition of bonded warehouse
2013. 12 Started the bonded warehouse business at Incheon Airport
2012. 12 NDK sales reached KRW 34 billion in 2012
Korea Customs Service. Acquired AEO certification (export department)
2011. 11 48th Trade Day : Awarded $30 Million Export Tower
2010. 01 Korea Tronix. BLU company overseas (handling integrated logistics of material export)
- Taesan LCD, DS Photoelectric, Donghwa Photoelectric, Daeyoung Photoelectric, Coatronics, Radiant, etc.
2008. 08 WISOL (Korea head office, Tianjin corporation) material procurement business execution
2008. 06 Samsung SMD (formerly SDI. (China Tianjin Corporation-AM) logistics and material procurement
2008. 02 Registered as a freight forwarding business
2004. 10 Samsung SDI (formerly SMD. (China Tianjin Corporation-MD) logistics and material procurement
2004. 07 IDS China Integrated Logistics (Outsourcing) Handling (Domestic, Overseas): Equipment, Materials
- Logistics outsourcing (import and export transportation, customs clearance, bonded transportation, customs eimbursement, insurance, etc.)
2004. 02 Transferred to new office [World Meridian Venture Center]
2002. 09 Signed a Biz Agent contract with NDK Crystal Transducer in Japan
2002. 04 Incorporation transition (INtrading Co., Ltd.) business registration number : 119-81-56073
2001. 10 Started procurement outsourcing of Samsung SDI Dongguan
2001. 09 Signed outsourcing contract with Samsung SDI Dongguan
2001. 03 Established company (business registration number : 117-04-55683)
Report trading business (trade business number : 11883573)